CREW Toronto is a community organization that supports Toronto residents and communities as they organize to help themselves and each other during extreme weather events.

Our goal is to create a city-wide network of resilient communities. To get there, we are exploring various methods in creating community resilience at the grassroots level. We’re learning about how we can connect to each other in simple and meaningful ways, as these relationships prove to be crucial in the first few days of an emergency. Learn more here. ​

The League of Intrapreneurs Canada believes that to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world, deep changes will need to occur within society's established institutions. Social intrapreneurs are proactive, risk-taking, socially-motivated individuals innovating from within major corporations, government agencies, and non-profits. Social intrapreneurs mobilize fellow employees and the assets of their organizations to help solve society's most pressing sustainability and resiliency challenges while simultaneously meeting their employers' goals. Learn more here.



​CLARION is a coalition of  community-serving organizations dedicated to increasing resiliency to natural disasters and emergencies.  We thank the City of Toronto's Office of Emergency Management for their guidance and support in our endeavours to improve community resiliency. Below are our founding members.

Founded in 2012, the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Ontario was created to assist everyday people in launching a social purpose business, non-profit organization, cooperative, or social initiative for the benefit of their community. SSE is a project on Tides Canada's Shared Platform. 

 Traditionally, SSE has made its impact through individual community leaders. CLARION is an opportunity for SSE to mobilize its rich network of social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and volunteers to promote greater community resiliency. Learn more here.

Faith & the Common Good (FCG) is a national, interfaith network founded in 2000 on the belief that our diverse faith congregations and spiritual communities can be powerful role models for the common good.  Our network is composed of people of faith, hope, and spirit who, despite our differences in theology, dress and culture, share a calling to protect our ecosystem and a passion for community service.

We support diverse faith and spiritual communities contribute to greener, healthier, more resilient neighborhoods. Learn more here.


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